While we work on preserving our future home, we have been busy developing an Art presence in the Peoria area and abroad. First, we created a nomadic Art exhibition series aimed at creating new experiences tailored to a local audience. Called SNAX — (S)mall (N)omadic (A)rtistic e(X)periences — these shows have been staged, with cooperation of space owners, in otherwise unoccupied spaces along the West Main Street Business Corridor, working to breathe new life into this area. Second, we participated in the IGNITE Peoria! event to further publicize our mission and vision for Yaku. And last, but most certainly not least, we launched a magazine, UKAY-Zine (ukayzine.org), and had a wonderful party to celebrate!

UKAY-Zine Launch Party / October 2016
The most recent Art activation for Yaku is the launch of our new magazine: UKAY-Zine. The first issue, Volume00, can be viewed in full at ukayzine.org.

SNAX03 / September 2016

Ignite Peoria! / August 2016

SNAX02 / June 2016

SNAX01 / April 2016

SNAX00 / November 2015