The Yaku Community…

… is a living, growing, morphing organism that continues to surprise even us for its incredible generosity, energy, and power. We're mostly young, but definitely all young at heart. We are Artists, Designers, Teachers, Students, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Activists, Business People, Engineers, Corporate Worker Bees, and Small Business Owners. We are local and we are international. Some came to Yaku because of the building. Some came to Yaku because of the Arts. Either way, it is safe to say that all of us now share a passion for both.


Brent Baker, John Seckler, Natalia Villanueva, Nathan Comte, Earl Power Murphy


Marjorie Schwebel, Dan Cleveland, Brian Buralli, Anthony Corso, Linda K. Bolliger, Jorie Emory


Beth Carlson, Alexander Martin, Jessica Bingham, Angela Baldus, Brenda Gentry, Kristine Chisamore, Zachary Leachman, Steven Hinrichsen, Caitlin Keturi, Skyler Edwards, Tory Dahlhoff, Emily Dahlhoff, Beth Weimer, Jasmin Garcia, Maria Lavender, Seth Hodel

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