Yaku is preserving Hale Memorial Church to become a center for Arts, Culture, and Community programming.*


*Programming designed in large part to facilitate connections between Peoria and points all around the world.

The building lives on the corner of West High Street and West Main Street in Peoria, IL. (Link to page that explains why the specific location of the building is relevant.)

We're (mostly) young, (fairly) diverse, (definitely) dedicated. (Link to page detailing people in organization, including "casual" supporters—quotes and such.)

Making… now. (Link to Ukay)

Visit the building… (Link to page explaining/updating visit info)

Step 1: Save the building. (Link to Kim Group info)
Step 2: Ensure Step 1 is successful. (Link to info & ideas toward sustainability)
Step 3: Do Yaku. (Link to page that explains current work including Ukay).

Yaku means water.